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JUICY, it's a lifestyle...

21 October 1985
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Who am I?
Kea. 22. Bay Area, California. Graphic/Fashion Design.
I Love...
My boys. Shopping. Fashion. Kicks. Gucci. Juicy Couture. Aaliyah. Monica. Ashanti. Mariah Carey. Danity Kane. Music. TV. Driving to clear my head. Good movies. Corey Miller. Clifford Harris, Jr. San Francisco. Will Demps. 49ers. Louis Vuitton. Jeans. Jackets. Red and white roses. Channing Tatum.
(Present) Favorite Shows?
General Hospital. Beverly Hills 90210 (2.0). Lipstick Jungle. Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. What Not To Wear. Jon & Kate Plus 8. Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane.
Favorite Couples/Should Be Couples.
[GH] (Present) Jason&Claudia. Nikolas&Claudia. Lucky&Sam. Carly&Jax. Johnny&Maxie. (Past) Jason&Sam. Jason&Carly. Sonny&Carly. Liz&Lucky. [90210 - Classic] Brandon&Kelly. Brenda&Dylan. David&Donna. Gina&Dylan. Valerie&David. [90210 (2.0)] Dixon&Silver. Ethan&Annie. [Lipstick Jungle] Nico&Kirby.